Are You Unashamedly Ethical?


Compass Cares, the corporate social investment arm of Compass Medical Waste Services, is organising a fundraising, business breakfast on Friday, 22 September at 7.00am for 7.30am at the Elangeni Hotel, Great Ilanga Room.

The purpose of the event is to gain exposure for the organisation Unashamedly Ethical and at the same time raise money for them, iThemba Lethu and Christian Sports and Business Ministry. All profits from the event will be split equally between the three organisations in order for them to continue their work of improving the lives of South Africans.

Tickets are R400 each or R4 000 for a table of ten which includes a two-course breakfast, tea and coffee. Graham Power, founder of the construction company, the Power Group, and Unashamedly Ethical will be presenting along with Michael Cassidy – evangelist, teacher, preacher and author.

Unashamedly Ethical (UE) confront corruption and injustice through co-ordinated, targeted and impactful advocacy and campaigns to advance ethical behaviour. Their objective is to reach a tipping point where ethical behaviour becomes the norm. They do this through:

  • lobbying commitment to support ethics,
  • providing support to achieve sustainability,
  • managing a directory of committed organisations and individuals who support each other, and
  • ensuring accountability through an independent ombudsperson.

UE has more than 30 000 signatories in 112 countries, the top being South Africa, Malaysia, USA, Kenya and Jamaica.

Their vision for the future is to harness the power and wisdom of the global body of signatories, and through their partnerships, engaging others to join them. They believe it is possible to reach that tipping point where the pendulum in the world swings from unethical to ethical behaviour.

Christian Sports and Business Ministry was established 18 years ago with the primary objective of providing a platform to share the word of God in a non-threatening environment. This voluntary organisation hosts breakfast events throughout the year for business men and women to connect and to hear from a well-known sporting, community or business figure.

iThemba Lethu, meaning ‘I have a destiny’, was established in 2000 and this NPO has successfully run two transition homes, with house parents who care for orphaned or abandoned children.

Their primary objective is to reunite babies and toddlers with their forever families through reunification or adoption. They believe in hope, that every child understands their value and has a destiny.

Only 350 tickets are available for this breakfast, so to confirm your booking please contact Dianne Reddy on 031 267 9700 or email [email protected].


Claude Moodley of Compass Cares, Michael Cassidy of African Enterprise and an ambassador for Unashamedly Ethical, Henk Leenstra from Christian Sports and Business Ministry and Karen Brokensha of iThemba Lethu, prepare for the Unashamedly Ethical business and fundraising breakfast taking place on Friday, 22 September at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban.